The Adult Learning Center will continue to excel as an educational agency designed to provide the academic skills, job training and support services needed for adults and young adults to achieve more productive lives for themselves and their children.

Goal Statements

The goals of the Adult Learning Center have been formulated to respond to identified community needs:

  • To assist young adults and adults to increase their basic educational and life coping skills by providing academic programs.
  • To prepare individuals for the local workplace by providing pathways from school to work, job training, or higher education.
  • To assist individuals to cope with social, family and work issues by providing community education programs to the community at large.
  • To assist adults and young adults to participate in education, job training programs, and the workforce by providing needed support services of family literacy, childcare, school age care and parenting.
  • To maintain staff excellence by attracting, training, and retaining committed, certified, creative educators and support staff.
  • To maintain a financial position that responds to Adult Learning Center priorities.

All of the Center’s programs and services will reflect these goals.