Welcome to Xploration, a learning enrichment program based on STEM education, offered right in your neighborhood.

Who We Serve

Xploration provides after school enrichment learning and in-class workshops to children throughout New England. You’ll find us in schools right in your neighborhood!

Xploration promotes fun enrichment that encourages kids to design, create, and problem solve using their thinking skills and team work. This unique program, led by an experienced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) instructor, engages students in learning that is hands-on, team-based, and grounded in scientific exploration.

Program Highlights

Xploration offers students enrichment activities that are not always possible in a regular classroom setting. Most enrichments and workshops are adaptable to any age and skill level. All activities are designed to foster:

We offer developmentally appropriate indoor and outdoor activities with an emphasis on fun. Through STEM education, students learn to become problem solvers, innovators, creators, and collaborators.

What Will you discover?

Whatever the activity, you’ll find excited, engaged children who are not just playing after school.

They are learning – and having fun.

How to Participate

We welcome and encourage schools to participate in this program during the school day. We invite you to view and download a full list of enrichments/workshops being offered by the Xploration program.


General inquiries please email: xploration@nashuaalc.org

Jeremy Griffus, Xploration STEM Directorjgriffus@nashuaalc.org or at 603-882-9080 Ext. 2205

Mia Cruz, Xploration STEM Instructor: mcruz@nashuaalc.org or at 603-882-9080 Ext. 2251

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